For a safe working environment, particularly in areas where there are stringent safety requirements such as refineries, chemical plants and industrial systems with a risk of explosion, all elements of the superstructure are connected by flexible ground cables. A ground cable is fed from a central point on the chassis to an ground spike which is manually driven into the ground. The quality of this grounding connection is continuously ensured by the monitoring electronics. Correct operation and faults are displayed visually.
Prevention is the best protection. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive range of safety equipment as standard. Modern safety innovations help to avoid accidents, to identify hazards and to remain alert.

Grounding System

All RSP suction superstructures are fitted with an independent compressed air system which can be activated separately by radio remote control. This compressed air is used for automatically cleaning the fine filter.
Connectors for oiled and oil-free air are located at the rear of the vehicle. These enable a wide range of additional tools to be connected. There is also a further compressed air connector with spiral hose and hand gun in the compressor compartment.

As well as the standard 105.94 cfm version, RSP also offers increased compressor capacities of 127.13 cfm and 158.91 cfm. This provides the option of operating several compressed air tools at the same time.

On-board Air Compressor

For even safer working, particularly in areas where there are stringent safety requirements such as refineries, chemical plants and industrial systems with a risk of explosion. The gas concentration of the suction air and the ambient air is continuously measured and evaluated by means of two sensors.

A visual and audible signal is made when an advance warning stage is reached (20% of the lower explosion limit). The vehicle is shut down completely when the main alarm threshold is reached (40% of the lower explosion limit). All inflammable gases and hydrogen are analysed. A hand-held measuring instrument and charging station are also included.

Gas Detection System

RSP provides four different sizes of container. The torsionally rigid collecting tanks include the central collecting chamber with special protection against wear and tear, a rear separation chamber and the fine filter unit. The container is emptied to the side by means of a hydraulic tipping mechanism. The tipping angle is greater than 40 degrees. A stainless steel drip edge reduces contamination when emptying liquid materials.

Containers can be made partially of stainless steel as an option. We recommend this version when sucking up aggressive materials. The very smooth surfaces also assist in completely emptying the container.

Side Tipping System

This double fan (DV) has been specially developed to RSP specifications and is the most common. As well as outstanding performance data, optimum mounting situations and simple service have also been taken into account.

The fan can optionally be driven by the engine by means of an NMV power takeoff or via an intermediate gearbox in the prop shaft. The toothed belt drive guarantees highly accurate synchronization of the impellers and significantly reduces bearing load. Automatic central lubrication, internal separate cooling and a switchable air flap are further quality features. Suction distances up to 147.63 ft. vertically and up to 393.70 ft. horizontally can be achieved with this equipment depending on the material.

Multiple Fan Choice

The thin stream process, sometimes also called dilute phase conveying, is characterized in that the transport medium is a large, fast-flowing stream of air, the speed of which enables material to be transported. However, the amount of material transported is subordinately low compared with the quantity of transport medium.

The internationally patented RSP suction principle guarantees maximum gravity separation, minimal filter contamination and therefore consistently high suction performance.

Truck Overview


The most versatile system on the market.  All RSP suction superstructures are fitted with an independent aux hydraulic unit. Able to run any hydraulic tool that would be needed on the project.  Save money by using the on board system, not having to rent an external power unit.   

AUX Hydraulic Power

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