Safe Bore Solutions, Inc. (SBS) is a small, family owned business located in Franklin, Louisiana.  We are committed to providing industries, municipalities, local, state, and federal governments a new, safe, clean, and efficient way to vacuum excavate.  Securing the very first DryVac Suction Excavation truck provided by RSP-America, we intend on leading the industry in DryVac services.  

As a motivated small business, we can provide our customers with the highest level of quality service.  Our focus on safety and reducing cost is priority to improving customer relationships.  With minimum overhead constraints, we can ensure quality and service will be given without the sacrifice of any critical aspects of safe and efficient operations.

Our goal is to eliminate costly downsides to the conventional HydroVac methods.  

A few of these methods are as follows:

  • Not altering excavated material by inducing water.

  • Being able to recycle material.

  • Being able to offload material on site instead of leaving.

  • Providing a clean and safe work-site by keeping the area dry and hazard free.

  • Reducing operators to 1-2, instead of 3-4. 

  • Not having to refill water tanks.


Safe Bore Solutions, Inc. feels that building strong on-site customer relationships are key to project success.   We are committed to helping in any aspect of the project to increase productivity.  Maintaining a safe and positive moral will ensure the project stays on schedule and reduce hazards throughout.  Our customers can rely on Safe Bore Solution, Inc. employees to do our part in reducing project cost, increasing productivity, and efficiency. 

Safe Bore Solutions, Inc. Code of Ethics:

  1. Work smart, not hard.  Use engineered solutions to approach and solve all problems. 

  2. Safety.  Will never be compromised.  STOP the job, discuss, solve, and implement.

  3. Honesty & Transparency.  We are committed to eliminating hazards and resolving issues openly.

  4. Professionalism.  Our employees will maintain a positive moral and professional appearance on all work-sites.

  5. Compliance.  SBS will always maintain 100% compliant employees and equipment. 

Safe Bore Solutions, Inc.

would like to welcome new, proven, qualified, suction excavation equipment to the United States of America!

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